Astra WBE2WBE Program

Act Intentionally – Grow Together

Astra WBE2WBE Program is a new initiative encouraging Astra WBENC-Certified Woman Business Enterprises (WBEs) to collaborate within the Astra community. The WBE2WBE Program echoes WBENC’s CORE competencies – Certification, Opportunities, Resources and Engagement, and accelerate opportunities delivered to Astra WBEs by assisting WBE to WBE contracting.

Astra WBE2WBE Program will help women business enterprises leveraging the Astra WBE network for business growth and sustainability.

WBEs that buy from other WBEs, with any business transaction greater than $250, are qualified to compete for Astra Done Deals™ Awards. The companies who report the most Done Deals™ receive high honors and visibility at Astra’s annual awards event.

Simply fill out the form below with information regarding your company’s RFP. Your RFP will be listed in Astra’s Monthly eNewsletter – TrueNorth, as well as distributed to matching Astra WBEs, upon approval.

WBE2WBE Request for Proposal (RFP) Form