Astra’s Done Deals™ Program

The Done Deals™ program offered by Astra Women’s Business Alliance (Astra) recognizes and acknowledges business being done between Corporate Members and WBENC-certified women business enterprises (WBEs) and WBE-to-WBE contracts.

The Done Deals™ program provides a means of measuring the impact Astra has on increasing contracts between WBEs and WBEs, WBEs and Astra Corporate Members, and WOSBs and Government Agencies.

Each year, Astra challenges its Corporate Members to exceed their WBE contracting goals. The companies who report the most Done Deals™ receive high honors and visibility at Astra’s annual awards event.

Certified women-owned businesses that buy from other WBEs are also encouraged to participate. In doing so, they receive the same honors and recognition extended to Corporate Members.

A Done Deal is any business transaction over $250 that is signed between Astra Members during the challenge period. The final goods or services may be delivered at a later date.



Submit a Done Deal by emailing Janice Greene with your Done Deals Information

Janice Greene
Astra Women’s Business Alliance
503.941.9724 ext. 3