Astra Staff

Astra has a committed staff and combined 38 years of experience managing program development, certification and training. With the commitment of the Astra Board of Directors and dedicated volunteers, our staff directs certifications, programming, member activities and events.

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Astra Women’s Business Alliance
4800 Meadows Rd., Suite 480
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Diane McClelland
Astra Co-Founder
Events and Education,
Corporate Membership, Sponsorships,
Done Deals™ Program,
Leadership Forums

503-941-9724 ext. 3

Suzanne Lackman
Vice President/CFO
Astra Co-Founder
Certifications, Administration

503-941-9724 ext. 2


Lori Lackman
Certification Manager

503-941-9724 ext. 1





Lisa Lambert
Certification Assistant

503-941-9724 ext. 0